Friday, March 13, 2009

Travis' Story

When I was in 7th grade, I had lots of trouble with bullies. I was constantly being blamed for what I didn't do. Bullies had taken my history notebook and placed it on my desk weeks later. I had a new pair of jeans stolen in gym, and when I wasn't looking, someone took my tennis shoes. I had to leave the school that day in my socks. The shoes showed up the next day in a trash can. I had been pushed into a locker and pushed many times that year. My regular-ed teachers liked me and backed me up, but my three Special-Ed teachers didn't.

This caused me lots of frustration. After months of no one listening to me, I got so frustrated that I acted out and ended up being expelled from school. The principal did not help me. I felt like I was being "railroaded" out of that school. I am not a troublemaker, but their lack of help that I desperately needed was not being provided for me, causing my frustration levels to rise above unsafe limits. My mom had to fight for me several times at IEP Meetings (Individualized Education Programs). She called people from the school department who specialized in autism and had them come to convince the school that I was not a troublemaker. Because I got expelled, I missed several months of school. We had to move out of the district for better options for schools.

Overall, my 7th grade year at that school was horrible.