Wednesday, March 11, 2009

About This Blog

This blog is a collection of stories from students, parents, teachers, and friends all over the state of North Carolina who have experienced or felt the effects of bullying. We believe that true stories like these give a face to this serious problem in our schools.

This is part of an ongoing effort by a coalition of groups statewide who are in support of the School Violence Prevention Act, a bi-partisan bill introduced today, March 11, 2009 into the North Carolina State Legislature. This bill includes enumerated categories that protects all students from bullying and harassment. In other words, it gives teachers and administrators specific and clear descriptions of what bullying constitutes - whether that be towards someone's physical appearance, real or perceived sexual orientation, race, disabilities, or gender identity or expression. These categories do not grant special rights to the targeted children. In fact, research has shown that enumeration is effective in preventing violence against all children, and especially those most targeted for their differences. According to the Supreme Court, “Enumeration is the essential device used to make the duty not to discriminate concrete and to provide guidance for those who must comply.”

According to a Public Policy poll, 72% of North Carolinians, across party lines, support this legislation.

If you have a story you'd like to share, we very much encourage you to share it with us. There are 2 ways you can do this:
  1. You can write a story and e-mail it. Name/location changes are acceptable, and with stories involving minors, necessary.
  2. You can record a video (with your webcam or video camera), upload it to YouTube, and then e-mail us the link. Or if you prefer, you can skip the uploading and e-mail us the video file and we'll upload it for you.
We look forward to hearing your stories - they are an essential part in showing our lawmakers the reality of this problem.

The groups who support this bill are listed below:

The North Carolina PTA
The NC Association of Educators (NCAE)
NC Advocates for Justice
American Assoc. of University Women NC
The Mental Health Association in NC
The Covenant with North Carolina’s Children
The NC Pediatric Society
Equality NC
The North Carolina Council of Churches
The National Association of Social Workers (NC)
The Arc of North Carolina
The NC Justice Center
Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education NC
The Association of School Social Workers NC
Action for Children NC
The ACLU of NC
Prevent Child Abuse NC
North Carolina NOW
The Alliance for Disability Advocates
The NC Psychoanalytic Foundation
The NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence
El Pueblo NC
The Autism Society NC
Young Democrats of NC
North Carolinians Against Gun Violence

Bullying: Are schools doing enough to stop the problem? (2005). CQ Researcher, 15(5), 104-124.
Public Policy Polling (16 July, 2008), North Carolinians support sexual orientation provision, [Press Release].

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